Q. What are your prices?

A. The price depends on type of event and types of services you require for your event, every quote is formulated just for your event.

Q. Do you have package deals?

A. Yes, we offer package deals on all of our services.

Q. What services and/or entertainment do you offer?

A. We offer Ceremony Music, Officiant Services, DJ/MeeCee, Photo Booth, Up Lighting, and Dance Lighting.

Q. Is you Photo Booth Open Air or Enclosed?

A. We offer both options.

Q. Do you provide props for the Photo Booth?

A. Yes, or you can provide your own props to match your theme.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept, Paypal, Credit Card, Money Order, Checks and Cash

Q. What is the best way to communicate?

A. That is totally up to the customer, (e-mail, text messaging, Phone, Facebook Messenger, etc. E-mail is the best in order to keep tract of requests and information once we are booked.

Q. Do you charge for Set up and Take down Time?

A. No, it is included with your booking.

Q. Can you give references?

A. Yes if requested.

Q. How far do you travel for an event?

A. Just about anywhere.

Q. Can you provide music on the Beach?

A. Yes, we have a battery powered system just for remote areas.

Q. Do you edit music for special songs?

A. Yes, we can edit any mp3 file.

Q. What time do you arrive to set up?
A. We arrive at least One and One Half hours before the event or more depending on services ordered.
Q. Can we pick our own music?

A. Yes, that is preferred and welcomed, however we have a variety of music of all genres.

Q. Can we log into your website to choose our music?
A. Yes, once a deposit has been made we will send you a log in for the customer area.
Q. Do you accept Payments after the deposit until the event?
A. Yes, we accept payments (weekly, monthly, etc.)